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Counter Top Purifier with Quality Water Filter

Counter Top Water Filtration System Sanitary! Economical! Practical!
Slim & Compact No Power, No Water Tank Quality Filtration System Clean Seperable Water Outlet.

Water Purifier System KW-P17W1 Mineralized
3 Filter 6 Step Water Filtration System
BSY-A5 Stainless Steel Countertop Water Filter System 10" with Doulton W9222910 Imperial SuperCarb OBE Ceramic Filter

Dual Countertop Water Filter System, Stainless Steel with Carbon Block and Sediment filter. Two Stages Stainless Steel Counter top Water Filtration

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Stainless Steel Counter Top Drinking Water Filter System with CTO Coconut Shell Carbon Block Filter

Countertop Clear Housing Drinking Water Filter System with Polyspun Sediment Water Filter Cartridge 10"

Countertop Clear Housing Drinking Water Filter System with Washable Pleated Sediment Filter 10"

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Counter Top Filter KW-P17W1
KW-P17W1 Specification

li 3 Filter 6 Step Water Filtration System
li Size 131 x 336 x 340 mm (WxDxH)
li Weight 3.5kg
li Filters Sediment - Carbon - Comple
li Capacity Approx. 2,100 Litres
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Part No. KW-P17W1
GTIN 0 857580 003101
EAN-13 0 857580 003101
UPC-A 8 57580 00310 1
UPC 857580003101




AQUA BLUE H2O Counter Top Filter KW-P17W1
Sanitary! Economical! Practical
Slim Designed Water Purifier for Quality Kitchen Use.


liSlim & Compact

     Designed with space saving in mind. Slim design with the width of 13cm, compact and simple to place it. anywhere you want.


liQuality Filtration System

     Used Fabricated ceramic powders to elute minerals and remove bacteria.
     Hallow fibre membrane method is used to reduce to minimum waste of water but high filtration rate


liNo Power, No Water Tank

     Economical, with no need for electricity. No need to keep the filtrated water into a tank.
     Filtrates directly from the tap water to remove bacteria for you to drink healthy and clean water.


liClean Seperable Water Outlet

     The water outlet is designed to be seperable for easy cleaning to maintain the water outlet clean.




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