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Suit for Bosch Fridge Water Filters

Aqua Blue Generic Replacement for Bosch Fridge Filters.

Replacement for 640565 Bosch 3M CS-52.
644845 / 740560 / 9000-077104 UltraClarity Replacement Water Filter for Bosch Fridges.

Bosch External Fridge Filter DD7098 OR DD-7098 Replacement Filter.

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AquaBlue H2O 9000-077104WF
9000-077104WF Operating Specification

li Flow Rate 0.5 gallons per minute
li Operating Temperature 33 - 100 degrees Fahrenheit
li Operating Pressure 25 - 125 PSI
li Capacity 400 gallons
li Service Life 6 months
li Dimensions 20.09cm (length) x 5.6cm (diameter)
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Part No. 9000-077104WF
GTIN 0 643129 713347
EAN-13 0 643129 713347
UPC-A 6 43129 71334 7
UPC 643129713347




AQUA BLUE 9000-077104WF

Replacement For KAD62V70AU Fridge Water and Ice Maker Filter 9000-077104 UltraClarity 644845



The Aqua Blue H2O 9000-077104WF Fridge Filter For BOSCH Fridges Replace Part Numbers:

The Bosch 644845 is the replacement refrigerator filter for various American model Bosch refrigerators which use the Bosch EVOLFLTR10 filter system including the Bosch Evolution 500 Series, Bosch 800 Series, and the Bosch KAD62 Series. It will also fit certain other models including the Siemens KA62 Series, Neff K5930 Series, and Neff K5920 series. This filter Also fit Milele KWF1000 Filters as well. 

Fits the following fridge model number:
KAD 62V70AU/03, KFN91PJ10A

Same filter as:
9000 194412 101443, 101443-A, 1014430109, 1017320109, 641425, 9000077095, 9000077096, 9000077104, 90000194412,  9000 225 170, BT-644845, BT644845,64125and REPFLTR10, BORPLFRT10and Bosch 644845,Miele KWF1000,kfn91n OR ALL OTHERS WITH KFN91N KAD62V70AU ,KA62DP90AU

9000 225 170, BT-644845, BT644845, 64125 and REPFLTR10, BORPLFRT10 and Bosch 644845.

Suits KAD62V70AU, KA62DP90AU, KFN91PJ10A/01, 9000 077 104


Installation Instructions


How To Install The 9000-077104WF Filter:

1. Twist the old filter a half-turn counterclockwise
2. Pull the filter straight out
3. Remove the reusable knob/cap from the end of the old filter
4. Discard the old filter 5. Snap the knob/cap onto the end of the new filter
6. Push the new filter into the fridge with the knob in the horizontal position until it stops
7. Twist the filter a half-turn clockwise
8. Reset your "change filter" light (if your fridge has one)
9. Change your filter every 6 months

Important: It is essential that operation, maintenance and filter replacement be carried out in accordance with manufacture's recommended procedures and guidelines for this product to perform as advertised. Failure to do so may void warranty.



The Aqua Blue H2O 9000-077104WF Water Filter reduces the following health related contaminants:

The 9000-077104WF does not remove fluoride.

Note: The filter provides cleaner, fresher water & ice.

Important: Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system. The contaminants or other substances removed or reduced by the water filter device are not necessarily in your water



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