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Under Sink Water Filter Replacement Cartridges

Aqua Blue H20 Polyspun Sediment, Pleated Sediment, Carbon Block (CTO), Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Filters

10"x2.5" GAC Granular Activated Carbon Water Filter Cartridge. Special PP Pad to remove big impurities

ABPL1025-10 ABPL1025-10
10"x2.5" Pleated Sediment Filter. Washable filter to help minimize filtration costs
ABPP1025 ABPP1025
10"x2.5" Polyspun Sediment Cartridge. True multi-layered depth filtration.
10"x2.5" Silver Carbon Block Filter Cartridge. Silver as natural antibacterial and antifungal media.
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Polyspun Sediment ABPP1025
ABPP1025 Specification

li Operating Flow 0 - 90 Lpm
li Operating Temperature 4 - 52°C
li Operating Pressure 20 - 800 kPa
li Micron Rating 5 Micron
li Size Standard 2.5” x 10”
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Part No. ABPP1025
GTIN 0 734038 844861
EAN-13 0 734038 844861
UPC-A 7 34038 84486 1
UPC 734038844861




AQUA BLUE Polyspun Sediment Water Filter Cartridge
Standard 2.5” x 10”, 5 Micron

Aqua Blue H2O Polyspun Sediment Water Filter Cartridge.
Fits in most standard 10" drop-in filter housing systems.
Used in residential, commercial, and food-service applications as a sediment filter or pre-filter.
10 x 2.5 Sediment replacement filter 5 micron x1
Suits all standard 10 inch housings
Premium filtration poly spun
Suitable for countertop or undersink water filter models


Features & Benefits

li Manufactured from 100% pure polypropylene fibers

li Filters out larger dirt and rust particles

li High dirt-holding capacity and superior sediment filtration

li Excellent bacteria and chemical resistance

li Extends the life of primary filter cartridges

li 100% Polypropylene material for wide chemical compact

li True multi-layered depth filtration

     *Pressure drop will be determined based on feed water pressure, filter cartridge selection
      and port sizes, fluid viscosity, filter life and conditions



Filter Cartridge Can Be Used For The Following Purposes

Bath, Kitchen, Drinking Water Systems, Laundry, Aquariums, Home Brewing


Directions: Flush after installation for 5 minutes. For best results, change cartridge at 6 monthly intervals.
Caution: Do not use with microbiologically unsafe water without adequate disinfection.
Warning: For correct operation of this, it is essential to observe manufacturers instructions.



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