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Compatible Coffee Machine Water Filter Replacement


AQUA BLUE H2O AB-C01 Brita Intenza Compatible Coffee Filter

AQUA BLUE H2O AB-C02 Brita Intenza+ Compatible Coffee Filter


AQUA BLUE H2O AB-C03 Jura Claris Blue Compatible Water Filter
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AQUA BLUE H2O AB-C04 Jura Claris White Compatible Water Filter

AQUA BLUE H2O AB-C05 Krups Claris F088 Compatible Coffee Filter


AQUA BLUE H2O AB-C11 DeLonghi DLSC002, SER3017 & 5513292811 Compatible Coffee Filter

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AquaBlue H2O AB-C04
Jura Claris White Compatible Filter

li Part No: AB-C04
li Filter Type: Domestic
li Use: Taste & Odour Reduction, Scale Control
li Capacity: 250 litres
li Filter Life Time: Up to 250 litres or 2 months, which ever comes first
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Part No. AB-C04
GTIN 0 667486 973817
EAN-13 0 667486 973817
UPC-A 6 67486 97381 7
UPC 667486973817




Compatible Coffee Machine Water Filter Replacement for Jura Claris White

Jura Claris White water filter cartridge from Aqua Crest. This model is designed to fit select coffee machines from Jura’s line-up; the Model Number tab contains a list of compatible models. The filter is for removing contaminants found in your water, as well as the limescale that can develop in your system. Despite this, the filter will still retain all of the natural minerals that can be beneficial to your health.
This is a low cost alternative to the original part, yet it provides the same level of filtration and effortless installation. The filter provides up to 250 litres or two months of filtration. We strongly recommend changing the filters at this time to ensure you have high quality water at all times.


li Excellent protection against limescale
li Economical alternative to expensive substitutes
li Easy installation and operation
li Provides cleaner, fresher water by reducing impurities
li Designed to provide up to two months of life or 250 Litres

Regular use of an AQUA BLUE AB-C04 filter cartridge will extend the service life of your coffee machine. As well as providing better tasting drinks, these filters will also help to provide excellent protection against limescale.
Each cartridge will last for approximately 2 months / 250 litres (whichever comes first, depending on your water quality/hardness) and is 100% recyclable.


AQUA BLUE H2O water filters are tested and certified by TÜV SÜD, a leading international expert in providing testing and product certification. AQUA BLUE H2O water filters are manufactured totally free of BPA (Bisphenol A).


What will it fit?

The AQUA BLUE H2O AB-C04 Coffee Filter has been designed to be compatible with the following models:

li Jura - Claris White, Clearyl White 75 / 64553
li Nespresso - N9, N90, F5, F50, F70, F9, F90, C5, C9
li Capresso - E8, S9
li Impressa - One Touch, E10, E25, E30, E40, E45, E5, E50, E55, E60, E65, E70, E74, E80, E85, J5, S50, S55, S7
li Avantgarde - S70, S75, S85, S9, S90

Filter Capacity: 2 months / 250 Litres

Aqua Blue coffee filters are designed as a premium quality alternative for coffee machine filters. These filters are BPA free and certified by TÜV. They are TÜV-SÜD tested for the effective reduction of chlorine, heavy metals and other harmful contaminants; this guarantees freshly filtered water at all times for the best coffee results.
Designed specifically for Jura coffee machines, it is placed directly in the water tank not requiring any additional accessories or extra space. The precise amount of water is filtered immediately before use by taking advantage of the professional up-flow principle.




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