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Suit for ZIP Water System

Aqua Blue Generic Replacement for ZIP Water System.

Compatible for ZIP®
91289, 91290, 91291, 91292

Compatible for ZIP®
59000, 91240, 91241, 91247

Birko® 1311070

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AquaBlue H2O AB712WF
AB712WF Operating Specification

li Flow Rate 2 litres/minute (1 gpm)
li Operating Temperature min 2°C / max 38°C
li Operating Pressure min 70 kPa / max 875 kPa (non-shock)
li Rating 5 Microns
li Reduces Chlorine, Taste & Odour, Turbidity,
Cysts, Dirt, Rust particles & Cloudiness,
Lime scale
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Part No. AB712WF
GTIN 0 648236 964071
EAN-13 0 648236 964071
UPC-A 6 48236 96407 1
UPC 648236964071




Water filter fits ZIP® 59000, 91240, 91241, 91247 / Birko® 1311070

Replacement For: AX2-EF, CWFZP-91241, AX2-EFZP+GAC+ICE40g, SPA-02-5, Auto boiler, ZIP® 59000, 91240, 91241, 91247 / Birko® 1311070



Reduces: *Chlorine *Taste & Odour *Cysts *Turbidity *Dirt *Rust particles & Cloudiness *Lime scale

These cartridges make replacing old cartridges fast and easy without contact with used filter material.

li Reduce chlorine taste and odor in water for a clean and refreshing taste
li Reduce lead, mercury, asbestos, parasitic cysts and chemicals in drinking water
li For use with InSinkErator water filtration systems
li Last up to 12 months, depending on water quality and usage
li Replaces old cartridges quickly and easily without requiring contact with used filter material
li Twist-and-lock design


* Caution: Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.
* To ensure optimal performance and hygiene and to prevent build up of contaminants, we recommend Aqua Blue H20 filters are not used
   any longer than 12 month.



How to Replace Cartridges


li Turn cartridge slowly to the left, about 1/4 turn, until it stops (when arrows line up). At this position,
     both inlet and outlet ports are closed and water pressure has been relieved.
li Pull used cartridge straight down and discard.
     Note: There may be a small amount of residual water drainage after pressure is relieved and during cartridge removal.

li Remove sanitary cap from top of new cartridge. Moisten o-ring with water and push new cartridge into filter head.
     Turn cartridge 1/4 turn to the right until it stops. Top surface of cartridge will become flush with bottom of the head
     when fully engaged. The label should be facing forward.
li Open downstream valve (if installed) and flush new filter cartridge in accordance with Performance Data Sheet expelling
     Tany trapped air and carbon fines. Water may run cloudy with air but will quickly clear.


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