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Suit for LG Fridge Water Filters

Aqua Blue Generic Replacement for LG Fridge Filters.

Replacement for all LG and Maytag side-by-side refrigerators that use 5231JA2002A, LT500P cartridges.
Suit for 5231JA2006A LG 5231JA2006B LT600P LG frodge water filters.

Suit for LG LT700P, ADQ36006101-S, Kenmore 469690 Premium fridge Water Filter ADQ3006102 and ADQ36006101

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Suits LG Internal Filter M7251242FR-06 For GC-D247SL, GR-P247STL Refrigerators
Suits LG LT800P, ADQ73613401 For LMXS30776S, LSC22991ST, LSXS26466S Refrigerators
Suit for BL9808, 3890JC2990A, 5231JA2012A with push fit connections.

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AquaBlue H2O ADQ36006101WF
ADQ36006101WF Operating Specification

li Flow Rate 1.9 lpm
li Operating Temperature min 0.6°C / max 38°C
li Operating Pressure min 138 kPa (20 psi) / max 827 kPa (120 psi)
li Technology High quality Carbon Block
li Function Chemical and Mechanical Reduction
li Capacity 757 litres
li Service Life 6 months
li Dimensions 18cm (length) x 4.8cm (diameter)
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Part No. ADQ36006101WF
GTIN 0 643129 713439
EAN-13 0 643129 713439
UPC-A 6 43129 71343 9
UPC 643129713439







Suitable for:

ADQ36006101WF fits both the Kenmore and LG refrigerators with a compact fridge water filter mounted on the ceiling of the fridge.



About the ADQ36006101WF:

Replacement for LG fridge filter cartridge removes over 90% of contaminants. It's possible to have great tasting water at an economical price, and filter replacement is quick and easy! The LG LT700P eliminates harmful chemicals which gives you safer and better tasting drinking wate.



ADQ36006101WF for LG fridges replace or is compatible with the following filter part numbers:

li 04609690000, 09690, 46-9690, 469690, 9690, ADQ36006101, ADQ36006101-S, ADQ36006101S, ADQ36006102, ADQ36006102-S
li Internal: LT700P ADQ36006101 and ADQ36006102S
li Fridge Model Number: GM-F208ST, GR-D730SL, GR-D907SL, GR-L218ASL, GR-L218CSL, GR-L219CPL, GR-L730SL, GRL730SL, GM-F208ST, GR-D907SL, GR-L814FBI, GR-L218ASL



Installation Instructions


Installation and replacement procedure for the LT700PWF / ADQ36006101WF fridge water filter:

1. Press the push button to open the filter cover.
2. Pull the old cartridge downward to remove and discard.
3. With new cartridge in the horizontal position, push the the cartridge into the manifold hold until it stops.
4. Push it up in firmly until you cannot push up further.
5. Push the filter cover until it clicks into place.
6. After replacing flush 2.5 gallons of water through filter before use.

Important: It is essential that operation, maintenance and filter replacement be carried out in accordance with manufacture's recommended procedures and guidelines for this product to perform as advertised. Failure to do so may void warranty.



The ADQ36006101WF Water Filter reduces the following health related contaminants:

li 96.40% of Chlorine Taste and Odour
li 96.00% of Particulates (Class III)

As with all built-in refrigerator water filters, the ADQ36006101WF does not remove Fluoride.

Note: The filter provides cleaner, fresher water & ice. Important: Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system. The contaminants or other substances removed or reduced by the water filter device are not necessarily in your water


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